• Guided Rock Pool tours with some of the most amazing Snorkeling in Mozambique
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sporty activities such as swimming and horse riding
  • Dhow tours to Pansy Island and Survivor Island
  • Whale Watching in season (July to October)
  • Take part in one of our monthly Beach Clean-ups (ACCM)
  • Day tours to Inhambane & Tofo
  • Sun bathing, relaxing and having a fantastic holiday to remember!!!


Huge schools of pelagic fish, intact subtropical rocky reef systems which are home to a great variety of species of flora and fauna ranging from very small to VERY BIG – this awaits you when you leave the safety of the beach and join us for some real adventure diving!

Mantas, Humpbacks, Sharks, Whale Sharks, Turtles, Stingrays, NUDIS…

It’s the OCEAN, we never know what we gonna get!

Závora’s reefs offer some amazing diving as well as wildlife encounter opportunities, locally based researchers have recently confirmed that there are Manta accumulation areas to the North as well as Whale Shark accumulation areas to the South of Závora – all within our diving and Ocean Safari range!
MANTAS: Even though the number of Manta sightings seems to have declined in recent years, probably mainly due to anthropologic impacts (such as netting), we still get to enjoy a lot of bottom time with individuals of Manta birostris and Manta alfredi on both our shallow as well as deep offshore reefs! The accumulation of Mantas appears to be seasonal with the winter months of July and August being a busy time as colder waters and plankton seem to draw the animals into the bay. We have observed behaviours ranging from feeding, cleaning, breeching to mating behaviour.

There is nothing more amazing and touching than being close to one (or even two, three, up to twenty!!!) of these gentle creatures appearing to be flying effortlessly through the water.

Horse Riding

Endless white beaches, indigenous forests, local villages, turquoise - blue lakes… the Earth trembling… the sound of hoofs pounding on the ground… breathing… FREEDOM, THRILL and HAPPINESS!

We can make it happen! Mozriders offer various well-selected routes to take on for any level of experience! In the centre of attention stand our six well-trained horses that will carry you safely through our stunning surroundings.

  • You have never sat on a horse before, but would like to try it now (or always wanted to try)? No problem – our trained staff will teach you all you need to know for your first-timer and we take you nice and easy.
  • Haven’t been in the saddle for a while? Don’t worry – we will refresh your skills, start slow and take it from there, depending on your comfort and confidence.
  • Horse expert? Join us for an incredible canter on the beach, swimming in one of the various lakes or even the ocean… .

Our policy is safety first – for both horses and riders that’s why:

  • we take small groups (max 5) with riders of similar experience levels
  • we only go as fast as the most inexperienced person feels comfortable with!